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Occasional  Paper 23:African Energy Data and Terminology Handbook Year 2003 - 2004 Edition

Edited by 

Stephen Karekezi, John Kimani, Lugard Majoro and Waeni Kithyoma


The updated African Energy Data and Terminology Handbook (year 2003 – 2004 edition) is a compilation of key data indicators and definitions of common terminology used in AFREPREN/FWD Research reports. It also includes a compilation of energy data from selected African countries.  

This Handbook was compiled in response to a request from AFREPREN/FWD members which was formalized by an official recommendation from the 2001 Steering Committee Meeting of the AFREPREN/FWD. The first objective of the Handbook is to standardise the terminology, units and indicators used by AFREPREN/FWD researchers, which would, in turn, strengthen comparability and regional commonality of AFREPREN/FWD data. The second objective of this Handbook is to provide in a convenient and accessible format, a compilation of data sets submitted by AFREPREN/FWD researchers to the AFREPREN/FWD Secretariat in Nairobi, Kenya which are supplemented by data sourced from statistical reports from international, regional and national agencies.  

The coverage of this Handbook is a reflection of AFREPREN/FWD priorities. First, is the attempt to include data on poverty and equity issues – which are central to the energy policy program of AFREPREN/FWD. Second, is the emphasis on the thematic foci of the AFREPREN/FWD policy research program, namely: (i) renewables and energy for rural development; (ii) energy services for the urban poor; and, (iii) energy sector reform. Third, is the inclusion of data on power sector reform – an important research theme of AFREPREN/FWD and a principal pre-occupation of the region’s energy policy makers. Fourth, is the focus on eastern and southern Africa, where most of AFREPREN/FWD researchers reside. 

The Handbook consists of the following three major parts: 

Part I: Energy terminologies. This section contains energy terminologies and definitions prevalently used in the African energy sector. Under each category, the terminologies are classified into generic and quantitative data indicators arranged alphabetically for easy reference. 

Part II: Data. This section is sub-divided into the following sub-sections:

  • Basic socio-economic and energy data.

  • Data on rural energy, renewables and the rural poor.

  • Data on urban energy and the urban poor.

  • Data on electricity and power sector reform.

Part III: Key energy data references 

The first complete African Energy data Handbook was published in the year 2002 as AFREPREN/FWD Occasional Paper 13 with time series data up to 1998. In this second edition, energy data has been updated up to1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 depending on data availability. 

This updated handbook also contains analytical graphs for energy and electricity intensity both at country and regional level. We hope you will find this edition more informative and user-friendly, and an effective data source for research work and policy making.


This paper is available on an exchange basis. If you find it to be useful, we encourage you to send us any relevant publications from your organization. To request for the full paper, please fill in the publications request form
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