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Energy Efficiency, Environment and Climate Change
Theme Group Proceedings 1999


AFREPREN/FWD Secretariat

Executive Summary

The energy efficiency environment and climate change theme group tackles three subject areas, namely: 

  1. Climate change and Transport: Options for mitigating climate change such as traffic management and urban planning.

  1. Environment: Cost benefits analysis of energy production form waste such as abattoir and municipal waste.

  1. Energy Efficiency and Demand – Side Management: An assessment of energy efficient technologies such as efficient air conditioners and efficient lighting (use of fluorescent tunes and compact fluorescent lights).

The common element among these three subject areas is their potential energy and green house as savings. 

After prolonged discussions and consultation with AFREPREN/FWD’s principal donors as well as external reviewers and the research advisory panel, it was decided that this theme group will concentrate on the formulation of proposals based on past research work for field implementation. The projects’ expected output will be in the form of “investment proposals” for submission to GEF and other potential donors such as the European Commission. 

The meeting’s main objectives included: 

i)         Review of country research proposals and issues that are relevant to the region and suitable for GEF type of projects such as: 

  • Transport energy

  •   Energy from urban waste (solid and liquid)

  • Energy efficiency

ii)       Preparation of outlines for GEF project concepts and proposals 

iii)      Drafting a work plan for 1999/2000 

The participants to the Energy Efficiency, Environment and Climate Change Meeting were drawn from four countries, namely: Botswana, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. They comprised the energy researchers from private research organizations, from the University, from a Government Ministry and from a Municipal Authority. 

Meeting Recommendations 

Three sub-groups were established in line with the above three different subject areas and each group developed a draft GEF project concept paper. The projected budgets of the projects were not to exceed US$ 750,000, the limit for GEF medium-sized projects which can take as little as six months to go through the approval process as the GEF Chief Executive can approve the project without GEF council endorsement. 

Sub-group on Climate Change 

The climate change sub-group will develop concept paper and a Block A PDF paper on “Introducing Walk and Cycle Paths To Urban Streets In The Cities of Gaborone and Harare”.

Sub-group on Environment

The ‘Environment sub-group’ will develop project concept papers and Block A PDF papers on “Energy Generation from Botswana Meat Commission Lobatse Waste and from Mtibwa Sugarcane Factory in Tanzania”. 

Sub-group on Energy Efficiency 

This sub-group will develop project concept papers and Block A PDF papers on “Efficiency Improvement for Boilers, Motors and Drives at the Zisco Steel Company in Zimbabwe and at the BCL Mines Company in Botswana” 

Next Steps 

The researchers will enter a three month contract with AFREPREN/FWD to prepare GEF documentation.  The envisaged outputs to the end of 1999 include: 

  • A GEF Concept Paper 

  •  Evidence of submission of concept paper to national GEF focal point and implementing agency for endorsement. 

  • Draft PDF A application 

  •  Evidence of submission of draft PDF A application to national GEF focal point and implementing agency for endorsement.

The researchers will, in addition, provide statistics bureau reports, national development plans, energy master plans, published reports such power utility annual reports and petroleum company reports, an a background paper on proposed project (an outline was dispatched to researchers). 

After the project concept and /or Block A PDF paper being endorsed by GEF, AFREPREN/FWD will provide additional resources in the Year 2000 to assist the researchers in preparing their draft GEF project brief.  The contract will be pegged to the following outputs: 

  • Draft GEF  project brief 

  • Evidence of submission of project brief to implementing agencies and GEF national focal point 

Additional outputs to be submitted to AFREPREN/FWD include published reports (as above) and a background paper on proposed project as will as clear evidence that background paper has been submitted to journal for publication.

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