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Executive Summary

The first half year (June, 1999 - December,1999) of the AFREPREN/FWD energy policy research Programme was largely dedicated to preparations; planning; elaboration of methodologies and analytical framework; and, training. The primary objective of the preparatory phase of the proposed AFREPREAN research Programme was to ensure that a sound basis was established for the successful implementation of the proposed theme group research studies and ancillary training and support activities.

During this period substantial effort was expended on ensuring that all country and regional proposals developed a comprehensive analytical framework that detailed the following:

  • Elaboration of the core research problem at national level;
  • Detailed description of the chosen theoretical framework at national level with regard to systems components, system boundaries and theories describing the relationships among the components;
  • Preparation of a common methodological framework for each theme group as well as across theme groups;
  • Elaboration of selected methods for collecting data and information and relation to the chosen theoretical framework - this was undertaken at both national and regional level with some clear guidelines established on how national data will be aggregated at the level of the regional report; and,
  • Detailed description of hypotheses (or expected conclusions and recommendations) that the selected analytical framework and data collection method is expected to yield.

The new emphasis on an end-users, bottom-up perspective (strongly recommended by the evaluation report) requires significantly more effort in the collection of primary data.  Consequently, more time was devoted to the elaboration of detailed data collection and analysis methods.

The refined proposals compiled in this document took into consideration the above issues as well as suggestions and recommendations of the theme group meetings held late last year.  During the theme group meetings, in addition to the theme group members and Secretariat staff, invited policy makers and other stakeholders also participate.  The country proposals were refined in response to their suggestions and recommendations.

In addition, the proposals from AFREPREN/FWD members incorporated suggestions from our sponsors.  The suggestions required the members to demonstrate the link between the short-term study and what will be studied in the second and third year (medium-term study).  This is to ensure that some level of commonality is retained in the 3 years of research work.  Secondly, the researchers were to show the link between their country studies and the other studies being carried out in the region.  This is to ensure that the studies complement each other and some level of regional commonality is retained.

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