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 Fundamental IT Tools for Energy Sector Analysis
Microsoft FrontPage 98


Strathmore College


A very few years ago, the Internet was almost exclusively the territory of scholars and researchers, and as late as 1990 the World Wide Web did not even exist. It still might not, except that Tim Berners-Lee and his team at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), based in Geneva, decided to design and release a hypertext system that would allow easier communication among researchers in high-energy physics. The software was written specifically for the Internet and was released in 1991.

Not long after that, the Internet itself was thrown open to public use. First thousands, then tens of thousands, and now millions of people have discovered the Net and the World Wide Web.

The World Wide Web is composed of mini-webs linked to each other through the Internet.

FrontPage is an integrated site development environment, including a Web creation and maintenance package called FrontPage Explorer, a Web page editor called FrontPage Editor, and a fully functioning Personal Web Server that turns a PC into a Web host machine. With FrontPage, you can create a complete Web site on your PC and link your PC to the World Wide Web and the Internet.

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