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This section outlines the objectives of AFREPREN/FWD library application system and the purpose and scope of this manual

Purpose of the Manual

The main objectives of this manual are

  • To provide a source of reference as part of the disaster recovery plan.  The manual can be used as a basis for recreating the database in case other recovery measures fail.

  • To provide a formal specification of the design of the application and the rationale behind   the design.

  • To aid in information retrieval.  To be able to get any meaningful information from any system,  one  must already know the kind of information maintained, how it is organized and can how it can be  retrieved.

  • To assist in staff training.  This manual is also relevant for training new staff or those replacing workmates absent on leave, sickness or those interns who have gone back to college.

  • To document bespoke elements that have been developed as additional features interfaces to the standard CDS/ISIS software package.  This is in addition to documentation of how CDS/ISIS features have been customized or tailored to meet specific requirements such as access control.

  • To provide a mechanism for speedy update of changes to the documentation of the specification of the AFREPREN/FWD library system.

  • To provide a brief explanation on how applications design is specified in a CDS/ISIS environment.

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