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A Quick Introduction to CD/ISIS


AFREPREN/FWD Secretariat


The African Energy Policy Research Network (AFREPREN/FWD) has prepared this training guide for use during introductory training courses on CDS/ISIS.

The guide is intended as a quick introduction to the features, components and main functions of CDS/ISIS database using the AFREPREN/FWD library database as an example.  The emphasis is on the features that the participants will be able to use on a day to day basis.  More technical aspects of CDS/ISIS such as the programming language interface, more advanced features of the search language and formatting language and features for customizing CDS/ISIS will not be covered.  Functions of a "System administration", see Sub-Section 2.4 for an explanation of systems administration functions, will generally not be covered except those for creating a database.

This course is intended for the beginning to the intermediate CDS/ISIS user. It should also prove useful to users who need to refresh themselves on CDS/ISIS without spending a week or two at a training course.

This guide, based on 10 year experience of using CDS/ISIS at AFREPREN/FWD headquarters by different researchers, has the following objectives:

(a) Skill development

(b) Exposure of AFREPREN/FWD researchers to the AFREPREN/FWD library database.

(c) Training resource tool that can be used at different AFREPREN/FWD focal points. 

This guide is particularly designed for the DOS version of CDS/ISIS.

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This paper is available on an exchange basis. If you find it to be useful, we encourage you to send us any relevant publications from your organization. To request for the full paper, please fill in the publications request form

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