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AFREPREN/FWD Secretariat

Executive Summary

The November 1998 AFREPREN/FWD Energy Conference and AFREPREN/FWD General Assembly recommended that the new AFREPREN/FWD program should focus on the following broad research themes:

•               Renewables and Energy for Rural Development

•               Energy Services for the Urban Poor

•               Energy Sector Reform

•               Energy Efficiency, Environment and Climate Change

•               Special Studies of Strategic Significance

The period of November 1999 to March 2000 was the preparatory phase of the new AFREPREN/FWD programme. The objective of this phase was to ensure the establishment of a sound basis for successful implementation of the proposed theme group research studies. Hence, the preparatory period was  largely dedicated to planning, elaboration of methodologies and analytical frameworks, and training.

In March, 2000 draft proposals were submitted for review to AFREPREN/FWD’s principal donor, Sida/SAREC.  In response to the detailed comments and guidelines provided by Sida/SAREC, the AFREPREN/FWD Network allocated the bulk of its efforts during the April-June, 2000 period to the refinement of the proposals.

In addition to refining the proposals, the Network organised its 2nd Steering Committee meeting whose objectives were to:

  • Shortlist the Masters Degree scholarship recipients

  • Review the Special Projects on Energy Efficiency, Environment and Climate Change Theme Group

  •  Review the Special Studies of Strategic Significance Theme Group

The short term training courses planned for the first half of this year, i.e. the Information Technology (IT) training workshops, were held in March, 2000. The first addressed the fundamentals of IT for AFREPREN/FWD principal researchers with limited IT skills, while the second workshop included sessions on advanced IT skills. These were initially targeted at principal researchers to assist them in their country studies. The training workshops exposed the researchers to the latest IT tools as well as hardware maintenance techniques.

AFREPREN/FWD was also able to successful organize 3 Theme Group meetings for the Energy Services for the Urban Poor, Renwables and Energy for Rural Development, and Energy Sector Reform Theme Groups.  The report briefly outlines the highlights and outcomes of these meetings.

The AFREPREN/FWD programme has continued to forge ahead in its efforts to enhance information dissemination mainly through networking and communications; publications; and, library and documentation services. Overall, the progress realized in the April to June, 2000 period was encouraging.

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