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Compiled by

AFREPREN/FWD Secretariat

Executive Summary

To assist in planning the AFREPREN/FWD training and capacity building program, a planning meeting involving international and regional energy experts from academic and non-academic institutions as well as key policy makers was convened during the 2nd -6th November 1999 Annual General Assembly Meeting. The aim of this meeting was to define the framework for the training and capacity building program. The planning meeting had representatives from  the following institutions:

  • Universities

  • Polytechnics

  • Utilities

  • Ministries of Energy

  • Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Community-Based Organisations (CBOs)

The meeting agreed that  the AFREPREN/FWD training and capacity building program will give priority to the following modes of training:

a) Masters Program:

  •  Support for MSc or MA research studies on energy policy

  • Support for MSc or MA in energy policy subjects

  • Joint AFREPREN/FWD/Universities MSc/MA training programs

 b) Short Term Training:

Research Techniques and Methodology Workshops

  • IT Courses

  • Short Courses for Policy Makers

Masters Degree Program

With financial support from the Swedish Agency for International Cooperation (Sida), the African Energy Policy Research Network (AFREPREN/FWD) plans to sponsor a total of 15  Masters Degree scholarships on energy policy. The program will run over the 2000-2002 period. The scholarships for Masters degree programs on energy policy are provided on a competitive basis and are open to  AFREPREN/FWD members as well as non-members from Eastern and Southern Africa. The scholarships are restricted to policy or other energy related programs offered in institutions in Eastern and Southern Africa and cover both tuition and living expenses as well as travel costs (when needed).

Preference is given to applications for Masters Degree course-based studies (MSc and MA) on energy policy issues that dovetail with the focal subject areas of AFREPREN/FWD, namely:

  • Renewable Energy;

  • Rural Energy Issues;

  • Energy Services for the Urban Poor;

  • Energy Sector Reform,

  • Energy Efficiency, Environment and Climate issues such as :

    • demand side management in the industrial sector,

    • energy recovery from industrial waste,

    • non-motorized transport in urban areas.

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