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Renewable and Energy for Rural Development Theme Group Meeting Proceedings, 2000


AFREPREN/FWD Secretariat


In August 1999 AFREPREN/FWD launched a new research programme to run from 1999 to 2002.  One of the core research areas of the programme is Renewables and Energy for Rural Development being undertaken by the Renewables and Energy for Rural Development Theme Group. The objective of the Renewables and Energy for Rural Development Theme Group is to identify options for the provision of modern energy services to low-income rural areas of Africa with special emphasis on commercial/service/productive uses of energy.  To achieve this, the group intends to focus in the first year on:

  • Assessing the current rural household and community energy practices and technologies

  • Analysing the impact of current rural energy policies

  • Reviewing rural income generating activities and energy technologies used

  • Establishing what is hindering the removal of identified barriers in the dissemination of RETs (e.g. absence of rural entrepreneurs, funding mechanisms, capacity building and policy)

Following the first theme group meeting held on 30th October -1st November 1999, country researchers developed country proposals. These were based largely on comments received from stakeholders from the various countries represented in the theme group who had attended the theme group meeting.

These country proposals were forwarded to AFREPREN/FWDs principal donors, Sida, for review.  The main recommendation from Sida was that the theme group should develop one proposal, which encompassed all the country studies.  This was meant to enhance regional commonality.  In addition, each country researcher would develop a terms of reference, outlining how the country study would be carried out.  Other requirements from country researchers included a literature review report and a compilation of data and statistics.

The 2nd Renewables and Energy for Rural Development Theme Group Meeting was held on 30 June 2nd July, 2000 in Nairobi, Kenya. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the theme group proposal, which had been developed in line with comments from the principal donors Sida, and to ensure that all country terms of reference were synchronised with the theme group proposal.

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