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Options for Addressing the Nexus of Energy  and Poverty in the Framework of NEPAD.


Stephen Karekezi


The objective of this paper is to examine options for addressing the nexus of energy and poverty in the framework of the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD). It first provides a summary overview of the African energy sector and then examines of the nexus of poverty and energy in the region. While the paper uses continent-wide data, the emphasis is placed on sub-Saharan Africa - the region where the need to improve modern energy services for the poor is particularly acute. The paper starts with a succinct review of the continent's key demographic and socio-economic characteristics. It then, presents important characteristics of the continent energy consumption and supply sub-sectors. The paper identifies of key drivers that are likely to decide the future direction of the Africa's energy sector. The paper stresses that these key drivers will, to a significant extent, determine the latitude that NEPAD's initiative makers will have in tackling the enormous challenge of meeting the modern energy needs of Africa's poor. The paper ends by identify opportunities that could be exploited by NEPAD initiatives and contribute to delivering a sustainable and equitable energy future for Africa.

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