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A Sustainable Power Sector in East and Horn of Africa Ė The Potential Role of Renewables -Policy Brief


Stephen Karekezi, John Kimani and Jared Atiang


This policy brief summarizes the findings of several national and regional studies on the prospects for the sustainable power sector undertaken in the Horn and Eastern part of Africa. Covering Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia, and based on in-depth country studies in Ethiopia and Kenya as well as a survey in Kenya, this study focused on the following key issues:

  1. Review of the energy status in the East and Horn of Africa.
  2. Contribution of renewables to the power sector in the region.
  3. Factors that could motivate expanded use of renewables in the regionís power sector.
  4. Policy strategies that could spur a sustainable power scenario in the region
The first chapter of this policy brief provides a brief background to the regionís energy sector while chapter two presents the studyís methodology and information sources. Chapter three presents key findings of the study followed by chapter four summarizing the main policy options recommended by the authors of the study.

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