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Capacity Building for Renewable Energy SMEs in Africa (CABURESA) Project (Final Draft)


Thomasmore Katutsi


Uganda is endowed with a variety of renewable energy resources, but only the large hydro resources along the River Nile have been developed to produce electricity on the national grid. The other resources have remained largely untapped. These include; biomass, wind, solar and geothermal. The renewable energy policy for Uganda that was developed in 2007 remains un-implemented largely due to barriers related to cost and also due to lack of key stakeholders including Energy entrepreneurs.

The financial institutions have also not tapped into this market nor have they developed a proper renewable energy product mix for their clients. There is limited and uncorroborated financing for renewable energy .The resource potential and opportunities for energy investment are still open.

However, for this to realize the potential there is need for proper product development. The proposed model for financing renewable energy is to use viable financial institutions that already have experience in the business and are also working with the potential clients.

The government of Uganda’s commitment to supporting renewable energy utilization is not only embedded in the policy framework but also in the subsidies that are offered to the renewable energy consumers of especially solar energy.

Financial institutions and indeed renewable energy suppliers and advocates face the challenge of awareness creation and provision of the required financial resource capacity to enable the consumption of this clean energy. These challenges will be addressed by appropriate interventions by government and private sector operatives/ service providers like CABURESA .

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