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Uganda: Assessment of Energy Related Activities Undertaken by Catholic Orders,


Joel Jansuk


This report presents findings of an assessment of energy related activities undertaken by the Catholic Orders/Congregations in Uganda as well as assessment of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), artisans and income generating activities of women’s groups supported by the Catholic Congregations/Orders.

The report contains four chapters: Chapter one presents an overview of the Catholic Church and Orders in Uganda. Since setting foot in Uganda in February, 1879, the Catholic Church has been instrumental in various development activities. The chapter analyses the church structure to ascertain the relationship between various divisions of the Church. This chapter demonstrates that the Catholic Church has partnered with several organizations in development activities in Uganda with Caritas Uganda as the overall coordinating organization for socio-economic development of the Catholic Church Dioceses.

Chapter two discuses the various Catholic Orders that are active in Uganda using their development activities as evidence. The survey establishes that Uganda has over 80 Catholic Congregations/Orders with most of them activein education, health services, energy and other social activities. The chapter ends with profiles of selected orders as well as an analysis of the projects they are involved.

Chapter three discusses the findings of the assessment of selected SMEs, artisans and the income generating activities of women groups supported by Catholic Orders. The chapter examines, in detail, two case studies of women groups that are supported by the Orders. The case studies confirmed that the Orders are actively involved in the development and use of renewable energy technologies such as biogas, solar energy and improved cook-stoves.

Chapter four concludes with the study findings and recommendations on the way forward. The assessment establishes that the Catholic Orders’ activities in the country have ontributed to development and improvement of the education sector, medical sector as well as social development of targeted communities in Uganda. It ends with a strong endorsement of AFREPREN/FWD's planned collaboration with can collaborate with the Catholic Orders and Caritas in Uganda for the wider dissemination of Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) in the country. The study is part of the Cogen for Africa Project and assesses the potential for developing biomass cogeneration systems in Ethiopia.

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