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Scoping Study:Cogeneration Potential in Ethiopia Horticulture Sector




1.0 Background review of horticulture sector

1.1.Production from the sector

2.1.Clean energy in the sector

2.0. Background on the energy sector

2.1.Ethiopia Energy Resources

2.2.Energy sector institutional setup

2.3.Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy (MOWIE)

2.4.Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP)

2.5.Ethiopian Electric Services (EES)

2.6.Ethiopian Energy Authority (EEA)

2.7.Energy Study and Development Follow-up Directorate

2.8.The Alternative Energy Technology Directorate

2.9.The Ethiopian Electric Utility(EEU)

2.10.The Power sector

2.11.Energy strategies and plans

2.12.Current electricity tariffs

3.0 Cogeneration

3.1.Brief on Cogeneration

3.2.Benefits of Cogeneration

3.4.Technical benefits

3.5.Environmental benefits

3.6.Social benefits

3.7.Economic benefits

4.0 Policy discussion

4.1.National Development Programs

4.2.Policies/strategies for agriculture and industry sectors

4.3.Rural development and agricultural policy

4.4.Industrial Development Strategy

4.5.Policy environment for electricity generation in agro-industries

5.0.Opportunities and Barriers to cogeneration investment in the horticulture sector

6.0 Conclusion and recommendations

7.0 Reference

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