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The Potentials of Wind Energy : Applications in Eritrea

S. Habtetsion1, D. Ghebrehiwet1, R. Van Buskirk2, B. Lebassi3   


Eritrea is embarking in a program to assess its renewable energy resource. The purpose of this paper is to critically analyse the potentials of the wind resources for various applications including grid connected, decentralised stand-alone or hybrid systems, and even for mechanical water pumping.  Socio-economic and environmental benefits have been highlighted.

Preliminary results from the wind resource analyses show that there is strong potential for wind electricity conversion in the southern coastal areas and in two highland passes, where the yearly wind speed averages are over 6m/s.  All stations indicate average speeds greater than 2.5m/s, i. e., good enough for mechanical water pumping.  Scientific analysis on the capacity factors, wind speed frequencies and distributions, determination of Weibul parameters, effects on elevation on wind speeds etc. have been conducted.



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