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Energy, Gender and Poverty issues and their Linkages with Energy Policy and Planning

A. Mbewe

Centre for Energy, Environment and Engineering Zambia

5972-104 Jake Sears Circle, Virginia Beach, VA 23464. USA


There is an undeniable connection between access to modern energy services and human, social and economic development. Energy production and use are connected with major issues of concern such as gender and poverty reduction. This paper analyzes important connections between energy, gender and poverty reduction. These issues are linked to energy policy and planning. Further, the paper identifies factors that are connected to energy, gender and poverty reduction. The factors are then discussed with emphasis on their linkage to energy policy and planning.  The paper concludes that the factors that have been identified be a fundamental component of the national energy policies. In addition, the energy planning process should encompass all issues that relate to human, social and economic development.  

Key words: Energy/Gender/Poverty/Energy Policy and Planning


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