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Gender and Compliance with Technological innovation for the Improved Charcoal Stove in Uganda

Ms.  Kyokutamba,  Joan

Researcher, P.O. BOX 7059, KAMPALA, UGANDA Telephone: 256-41-254071/7 Or 256-71-620696 Fax: 256-41-235119.


As a single energy source, charcoal in Uganda is very important for both urban and rural areas.  While technologists and environmentalists have spent a long time trying to develop more efficient and environmentally appropriate stoves, ordinary households still use traditional metal cased charcoal stoves that burn easily and produce a big fire.  In the late 1980ís, the Household Energy Planning Programme attempted to identify suitable charcoal stoves, laboratory tested them and qualified them for mass production and dissemination.  The aim of the project was to improve economic consumption of charcoal and improve peoplesí lives.  The project was however limited by inadequate programmes and poor policy commitment.  This paper is an appraisal of the Improved Charcoal Stove technology innovation in Uganda with emphasis on the role of women as major stakeholders.  The impact of supporting programmes for production planning, coordination, dissemination and the plan for sustainability will be analysed.  Lessons from similar projects in the region should help in the recommended redress of the programme to facilitate compliance to meet the need for suitable household cooking appliance.                   


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