Special Issue on Power Sector Reform and its Impact on the Poor - Published in the Energy for Sustainable Development Journal of the International Energy Initiative.

Edited by Stephen Karekezi, John Kimani, Roberto Kozulj and Nicolas Di Sbroiavacca



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The pre-print articles are downloadable in PDF format below:

  1. Introduction. Stephen Karekezi and John Kimani - African Energy Policy Research Network (AFREPREN); R. Kozulj and N. Di Sbroiavacca - Fundacion Bariloche/IDEE, Bariloche, Argentina. 

  2. Have Power Sector Reforms Increased Access to Electricity Among the Poor in East Africa? Stephen Karekezi and John Kimani - African Energy Policy Research Network (AFREPREN) 

  3. Electricity Access to the Poor: A study of South Africa and Zimbabwe. Ogunlade Davidson, Faculty of Engineering, University of Sierra Leone and Stanford A. Mwakasonda, Energy Research Centre, University of Cape Town. 

  4. Institutional Reforms and Electricity Access: Lessons from Bangladesh and Thailand. Ram M. Shrestha, S. Kumar, Sudhir Sharma and Monaliza J. Todoc - Energy Field of Study, School of Environment, Resources and Development , Asian Institute of Technology 

  5. Impact of Power Sector Reform on Poor: A Case Study of South and South East Asia. A R Sihag, Neha Misra and Vivek Sharma, TERI, India 

  6. Assessment of Energy Sector Reforms:  Case Studies from Latin America. Roberto Kozulj and Nicolas Di Sbroiavacca, IDEE/FB, Argentina 

  7. Expanding Access to Electricity in Brazil. Lead authors: José Goldemberg, Emilio Lèbre La Rovere, Suani Teixeira Coelho. Contributors: Osvaldo Soliano Pereira, Maria Silvia Muylaert, André Felipe Simões, Roberto Zilles, Patricia Guardabassi, Oswaldo Lucon

The published articles can be downloaded from the International Energy Initiative website on the following weblink: http://www.ieiglobal.org/vol8_issue4.html


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