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Cogen for Africa Local Manufacturer Directory
Abyssinia Groups PLC engaged in metal product manufacturing in 2001. The company has started to manufacture different metals and metal products in different branches situated in Oromia regional state in cities called Deberezit and Chanco and in Tiray regional state in Mekele city. The companies managed by the group are:
  • Abyssinia Integrated Steel PLC
  • Abyssinia Profiles PLC
  • Abyssinia flat products PLC
  • Abyssinia cold rolling PLC
  • Abyssinia Steel Casting PLC
The group has a mission of:
  • Manufacturing and delivering quality standardized metal products and cast parts to local customers
  • Fulfill the current domestic demand of metal product in industrial and construction sectors
The companies product are sheet metals, round bars, angle irons, U-channels, I beams and reinforced steels. The company also has a foundry for grey iron casting with a capacity of 900 MT. The Company made cast product with respect to the design and specification of customers. The manufacturing unit fully equipped with melting facility, heavy capacity cranes, melts hopper and chemical and physical test laboratories. Some of the customers are sugar industries, cement industries and tea industries. The new factory with a capacity of 36000MT per annum scraps metal melting and rolling mill is under construction with a total capital outlay of Birr 96 million.

The Group also produces a high temperature resistance refractory bricks used for boiler furnace construction necessary for cogen system.
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