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The international training program is an intensive, two-week course specifically tailored to the professional requirements of utility regulators and regulatory staff. The course is designed to enhance the economic, technical, and policy skills required for implementing policies and managing sustainable regulatory systems for infrastructure sectors.

Whether you're a regulator or industry representative you'll take home problem solving techniques and best practices you can implement immediately.You'll learn:

  • Why countries are reforming their utility sectors and the basic approaches

  • How competition affects tariff rebalancing, cross-subsidization, and funding of social obligations

  • How to conduct price reviews

  • How to determine the cost of capital and assess the projects, particularly in countries with scarce or unreliable cost information

  • Which incentive rules promote competition, efficiency, and innovation

  • What the effective regulatory strategies are for monitoring performance and enforcing compliance

  • Where competitive forces can be introduced or strengthened

  • What the key considerations are in rate design

  • What the key considerations are for the establishment and functioning of regulatory institutions

  • How the regulatory process can promote legitimacy and credibility of regulatory decisions

  • The application process for the 36th PURC/World Bank International Training Program will open in early February 2014. We encourage all applicants to submit their applications as early as possible to leave enough time to obtain an entry visa to the USA if needed. Those applicants accepted into the program will be notified via e-mail immediately after a decision on their application is reached. An application and more information about this program can be found online at:http://warrington.ufl.edu/centers/purc/training/itp.asp.

      Email: purcecon@warrington.ufl.edu

      Fax: 352.392.7796

      Promotion of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme (PREEEP)

    The programme offers support in developing skills, resources and capacities (capacity development) in the fields of energy policy, disseminating modern biomass energy technologies, promoting energy efficiency and rural electrification. This work includes capacity development activities for the Ministry (MEMD), for stakeholders at national and district level, and for selected community-based energy suppliers. Partners and other stakeholders, such as local authorities, non-governmental organisations and private companies, are receiving assistance to design and put in place customised strategies. These activities aim to improve products and services and teach people living in Uganda's rural areas about conserving energy.

    More information about this program can be found online at:http://www.energyprogramme.or.ug/contact-us/.

      Website: http://www.energyprogramme.or.ug/contact-us/

      Email: markus.exenberger@giz.de

      Phone: +256 (0) 414 234 165


    Specialised Services include:

    1) Project Financing

    2) Roof Income Program

    3) Project Development

    4) Project Due Diligence

    5) Education

    Clean energy education is delivered via the Clean Energy Institute (CEI), the education division of GPEKS (acronym which stands for Green Power Environment Knowledge Systems.) CEI assists Colleges, Universities and private sector training organisations in the development and adaptation of curriculum and material for:

    1) Solar photovoltaic installer training (installation and maintenance)

    2) Solar water heating installer training (installation and maintenance)

    3) Wind turbine technician training (installation and maintenance)

    4) Solar photovoltaic project development and management

    5) Wind energy project development and management

    6) Clean energy project financing

    Certificate Courses and Programs- Various clean energy courses Offered are either in classroom or distance learning format.Classroom courses are designed for technicians who want to acquire skills and credentials to install solar, wind and other renewable energy systems.

    More on GPEK Certificate Courses and Programs

    More on GPEK Consulting Services


    WHAT IS SEFA?- The Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) provides much-needed financial support to medium- and small-scale clean energy and energy efficiency projects in Africa. In many African countries, smaller clean energy projects could be commercially viable; however, the upfront development costs prevent them from accessing financing and reaching market. SEFA provides resources to off-set those preparation costs, enabling small and medium-size clean energy projects to become bankable. SEFA, established in the summer of 2011, is built upon the premise that secure, clean energy can contribute to strong African economies, thereby increasing opportunities for employment particularly for women and youth.

    ACHIEVING SEFA SUPPORT- Currently, SEFA is in its first operational phase and is seeking to support projects under preparation with cost-sharing grants. Sponsors with potential projects are strongly encouraged to approach the AfDB for further consultation. SEFA can support the full range of project preparation activities, from pre-feasibility studies and PPP preparation up to assistance in achieving financial close. See More:SEFA Sponsor Brochure

      Contact Person: SEFA Secretariat

      Department: Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department|AfDB)

      Phone No: +216 7110 2879

      Email: sefa@afdb.org


    Invitation and request for qualification and proposals for new generation capacity, under the IPP procurement programme; for the finance, construction, operation, and maintenance of renewable energy generation facilities adopting any of onshore wind, solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, biomass, biogas, landfill gas or small hydro technologies for the purpose of entering into inter alia, an implementation agreement with the department (doe) and a power purchase agreement with a buyer.The Request for Qualification and Proposals ("RFP") will be available for download from 12.00 on 3 August 2011: More...

      Contact:Project Officer

      Email: query@ipp-renewables.co.za

      Website: www.ipp-renewables.co.za

    Call for Papers - International Journal of Fluid Mechanics

    The International Journal of Fluid Mechanics (IJFM) publishes papers on Fluid Mechanics. This is a refereed international journal published twice in a year by Serial publications. This journal publishes original research papers of high scientific quality in Fluid Mechanics. The main objective of this journal is to disseminate knowledge and information in Fluid Mechanics by focusing both on theoretical and experimental research. The IJFM invites original contributions, which have not been previously published in any language and are not being considered for publication elsewhere. All articles in the journal are published in English. Authors have to submit their papers to the Chief Editor by email only. More...

      Contact Person:Prof. V.C.C Raja

      Email: Varanasi@mopipi.ub.bw or vccraju@hotmail.com

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